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I have arrived in Sicily.

The island is as alluring as ever – her beauty evident even behind the scars of unpredictable infrastructure, a misshapen political history, her faltering economy. Still Sicily is Sicily. She cannot be undone.

Myth tells us that this place, the largest island in Mediterranean, is “Persephone’s Island.” That goddess of the both […]

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My Dearest Daughter,

As you know, there are some things I cannot spin. Your father’s death being chief among them. Three years of grief has made your threshold for platitudes low. You like our conversations honest and direct. So it didn’t surprise me when last night, you said what had been brewing for some days. “I […]

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My husband always wrote me letters on Mother’s Day. On pastel colored greeting cards, he’d essentially re-write the message in his own words and pen. Always, he’d champion the places I feared that I faltered. He’d remind me motherhood is a “fall down and get up again” affair and that I was doing the best […]

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