Welcome to The Kitchen Widow – a modern take on the age-old kitchen table conversation. I’m Tembi Locke – actor, mom, writer, artist, chef’s wife and now young widow. I am passionate  about two things: how we come together to help each other through moments of crisis and transition AND savoring the flavors, food, and kitchen wisdom from my favorite island in a dazzling sea, Sicily. Not what you were expecting, right?

Thanks for joining me here in this inspired space where conversation flows and where caring and food come together in a delicious giveback. We get to the heart of what we all need when life feels most vulnerable. I share my insights and experiences on everything from caregiving, facing illness, parenthood, and grief to why Sicilian salt is magma at the core of every good meal.

If you’ve ever been touched by profound loss; walked the path of caregiving; or simply asked yourself “What do I do, What  do I say?,” then The Kitchen Widow is where I hope you find advice and inspiration. I hope you will recognize your experience in the conversations here. We talk about what matters and we do it over delicious food.


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