Hands down this is one of my favorite kitchen items to make and gift. This sea salt infusion takes little to no time and yields a delicious lasting return. A savory flavor enhancer, it can used as a rub or in salads. It can even be used (in the tiniest of pinches) to add an element of contrast and surprise when sprinkled on the cream that tops fresh strawberries.

I love using coarse salt but you can also use finer salt as well. In this recipe I’ve used a Nero D’Avola, the classic Sicilian table wine. However, any full bodied wine will do. If it’s been open and has more tannins, all the better. I make this in small and large batches. Once on hand, you a will gift and enjoy regularly.


Bottle (750ml) Nero D’Avola Sicilian red wine or full bodied red wine
One to One and Half cups of Coarse Sicilian Sea Salt or Kosher Salt


Simmer wine for about 20-30 minutes on a medium flame to reduce to near syrupy liquid. Watch closely because near the end of reduction is changes consistency pretty quickly. Reduction times vary. So don’t worry if you need a few extra minutes.

Let the wine reduction cool completely.

Add the reduction to the salt, stirring in gently, a bit at a time until the salt has absorbed the liquid. (You can always add more salt if it appears too liquid.) Spread salt mixture onto a plate or baking sheet to let it dry. Smooth out all clumps so that it is allowed to dry thoroughly.

If it’s sunny summer weather, place baking sheet in the sun to let air dry for a day. Or, simply leave the baking sheet in the oven (turned off) for two days or until dry. If the salt doesn’t go completely dry, you can still use it. Place in air tight jar. Gift and enjoy!

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